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Stena Line fan Nick Harding takes a motorhome to Germany

2013-09-07 | Travel Tips | No comments

Is it work or is it pleasure? Nick Harding has something of a dream job test driving motorhomes for a living, but it can mean some pretty hectic schedules. As a freelance journalist, he has to make every minute pay. As he explains: “I’ve just returned from the Caravan Salon show in Germany. It’...

Ferry travel

Have you seen this? Discover Ferries’ guide to travelling by ferry with a family

2013-09-06 | Travel Tips | No comments

Discover Ferries has launched a guide to travelling with a family by ferry on Family Traveller, including tips for booking, during, and after the journey: “A ferry is a safe place with a lot of space for children to explore and move around in relative freedom which can only increase the...

Motorbiking in Holland

WIN tickets to Assen!

2013-09-05 | Travel Tips | No comments

  We have two pairs of tickets for the BSB race at Assen along with return ferry travel to give away! To enter simply like us on Facbeook and leave your name and email address to be part of the draw.    

Have you seen this? “Are budget airlines bad for us?”

2013-09-03 | Travel Tips | No comments

Friend of Stena Line, Mark Smith aka the Man in Seat 61, debates budget air travel with Guardian correspondant Gwyn Topham in this five minute video. “If you love travel, it isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey too… Budget airlines are superficially convenient and quick… and unfortunately that robs p...

“Have you seen this?” Suggestme customisable Amsterdam maps

2013-08-20 | Travel Tips | No comments

The Dutch start-up Suggestme allows you to create your own personal Amsterdam city map by selecting hotspots suggested by other travellers and locals on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Along with key landmarks and information these hotspots are then transferred onto your city map, transforming your Amsterdam map into something complete...

Guest Post: Bush Birdie shares her Stena Line story

2013-08-07 | Travel Tips | No comments

This week our guest post comes from travel blogger Frankie Thompson from As The Bird Flies. She can also be found writing about her travel experiences at Travelettes.  “A ferry down memory lane” For many years, when I was a child, I was blissfully unaware that I suffered from chronic, debilitating, embarrassingly pathetic se...

Pigs might swim

Pigs might swim…

2012-09-26 | Travel Tips | No comments

Ferry to Amsterdam from only £39? Pigs might swim! Wait a minute, what’s this… Discover our Dutchflyer ticket: Visit

caravan to Holland

Fancy a caravanning holiday? Journalist and blogger Nick Harding rolls onto our Superferry in his motorhome

2012-08-29 | Travel Tips | No comments

Ever fancied exploring Europe in a caravan? Whether you’re a first-timer or a hardened happy camper, there’s never been a better time to hit the highway and explore  somewhere new! Caravanning affords you the luxury of being able to reach all those little off-the-radar towns, windswep...


The Guardian recommends Stena Line’s Dutchflyer ticket for saving money on holiday

2012-08-28 | Travel Tips | No comments

We read a brilliant article in the Guardian today, detailing exactly how you can save money when booking a last minute holiday this summer. Along with some top tips on saving money using local deals sites and cashback websites, journalist James Waterson also recommends booking our dutchflyer ticket, which enables passenger...

Have kids, will travel…

2012-07-23 | Travel Tips | No comments

Before you become a parent, it’s all too easy to sigh and shake your head when, horror-upon-horror, a young child is sat in front of you on a long travel journey. ‘Pass the earplugs, cabin steward!’, ‘give me a parachute’ or ‘thank god I’m not the one carrying a screaming baby at two miles high’,…

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