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In a global survey, more than 5,000 parents were asked what they really wanted for their children. Some answered a healthy life, others answered a comfortable life, but most parents, 64%, said they wanted their children to be happy in life – So on June 17 2018, we will launched our new kids concept –…

5 facts you didn’t know about porpoises

Onboard | No comments

They live in our waters. They have super hearing. They are shy and care for the few calves they can give birth to. They have their own language of clicks. They are not dolphins, even though many of us confuse the two. We’re talking about harbour porpoises. Why, you might wonder… Well...

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the Netherlands

Travel Tips | No comments

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful mother-figures in our lives. Whether its brilliant mums, step-mums, aunts or grandmothers, spending quality time with loved-ones is a wonderful way to enjoy Mother’s Day. The Netherlands has plenty to offer those looking to get away and trea...

Explore alternative cities of love with Stena Line

When it comes to cities of love, visitors always seem to think of the same few hotspots – Paris, Venice, maybe Florence. Why not look further afield this Valentine’s Day? Here are some quirky alternative cities that will also pack a romantic punch. Utrecht (70 minutes from Hook of Holland) The quaint...

Enjoy the year of slow travel

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2020 has been dubbed as the year of slow travel, so we are keeping the theme going with the aim of connecting Europe for a sustainable future. Trips don’t always have to be a mad rush to the airport or busy stations, take the opportunity to experience the year of slow sustainable travel by ferry….

Half-term Heroes: Our favourite destinations for families in the Netherlands

Family travel | No comments

It’s no secret that keeping kids busy during the half term holiday can be a challenge. Luckily, the Netherlands has plenty to offer young families looking to get away this February. Here you’ll find our top destinations for kids and some kid friendly spots that their parents w...

Rail & Sail: Travel your way and enjoy a long weekend in the Netherlands

Green travel Travel Tips | 2 Comments

Have you been searching for the easiest way to get to the Netherlands from London or the South East for a long weekend? Look no further than Rail & Sail with Stena Line. Rail & Sail provides a city-to-city service between the UK and the Netherlands, with travel possib...

Best of Belgium

Rest of Europe | No comments

Dainty Belgium is the perfect country for a road or rail trip; it is pint sized and bursting with plenty of noteworthy towns and cities that are waiting to be explored. Below is a selection of the best reasons to visit Belgium It’s easy to get there – by train and by car Travelling between…

Discover Denmark

Why stop your European adventure at just the Netherlands? The Hook of Holland is an incredible gateway to the rest of the Europe, with many countries an easy drive or train journey away. For those looking to head slightly further afield, Denmark makes a wonderful stop on any European road-trip. With the Danish border just…

Holland in autumn colours

After winning our social pole, as voted by our Stena Line travel lovers, we’ve decided to do a short article about  autumn in the Netherlands. Autumn colours won for favourite thing about fall so we had to pick a few of our favourite ways to experience this season while the leaves are falling. Autumn colours…

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