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Travel especially for students can be expensive, when you factor in, fares, accommodation, food and additional transport links, it can all start to add up. Check out our alternative way to save on travel to Europe:

Stena Line’s UK to Holland sailing route takes you on a direct crossing from Harwich International port in Essex to the Hook of Holland, Netherlands port. Students can take this direct route to Holland though it may not be as quick as flying it could help save on a few of the extra expenses (plus you get to enjoy all the cool extras onboard). Save on luggage costs, hotel, food, entertainment and avoid delayed flights.


Pre-Book It & Save!

Road trips with a group is a great way to save and explore: Fares for a passenger plus a car one way start from just £59 or £38.50 for foot passengers, this means your holiday doesn’t have to stop in Holland, you and your friends could take a short drive to Germany, Belgium, France or even Scandinavia! Simply add on the additional passengers with your car booking at fantastic prices, load up your car with all your essentials (including liquids) and drive to Holland or onwards through Europe with a group booking plus your student discount when you have a valid account with Student Beans.

Booking a cabin means you save on a hotel stay! Hotels in Holland can fetch a pretty penny because of major European attractions in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Booking a sailing with our 10% off student discount on fares and avoiding the additional nights in a hotel by adding a cabin can help save the bulk of accommodation costs – Prices start from only £34 per cabin!

Split the cost of a cabin with your travel partner which would bring the cost down to only £17 per night per person. For a weekend trip you pay for the cabin for the Friday arrive in Holland in the morning only pay for Saturday night hotel stay in one of Hollands magical cities then sail home Sunday night, sleep onboard and arrive Monday morning ready for the week! The cabins are like a hotel room at sea, complete with a TV, Swedish designed beds, en suite and mini bar in select cabins.

With the time you have onboard you could even squeeze in a study session if you fancied it before starting your European escape – Find WIFI on main deck* as well as cafes, seating areas, a computer study area or why not just relax and catch up with your travel buddies in the café or by the bar, your holiday starts as soon as you step foot onboard. Learn more>


Start Your Holiday Onboard!

A night onboard can include so many great activities – Check out a film in the onboard cinema, you’ll be able to watch one of the latest blockbusters, from action films starring movie heavy hitters like “The Rock” to thrillers, comedies and more.

If you’d prefer to miss movie night, why not have a drink by one of our bars and grab a bite to eat in our Taste or Metropolitan restaurant – Learn more about onboard services >

After a relaxing sailing once in Holland you’ll have a bit more cash to splash during your trip, enjoy all the famous attractions – a bar along the canals then an evening out in Dam square. For an alternative Shoreditch-Camden like experience, Rotterdam and Utrecht are the up and coming places to visit. There’s a lot of shows, music, architecture, museums and street art to see.

For that road trip, Germany is the perfect pitstop, it’s famous for its Christmas market, Oktoberfest and bar crawls. Belgium a Benelux country is fast becoming the place to see in this part of Europe. These are some of the great Extras you can enjoy when you save on the cost of accommodation, food, two nights of entertainment and the trip to Europe via Holland, save with our Student deals with Stena Line and Student Beans. Click Here for more on mini cruises to Europe with Stena Line Ferries.