Celebrating Dutch Windmills

Windmills and watermills along with clogs, tulips, cheese and canals are some of Hollands most famous national treasures. The second Saturday and Sunday of May ( May 12 and 13th) is National Mill Day, the perfect time to visit! In honour of this special occasion, here are a few interesting facts and tips on Dutch mills to visit in Holland.

Historically, mills or molens in Holland were not just used for producing flour and grain, one of the many other uses was to pump water out of the lowlands so that the land could be farmed. The mills were also used for grinding spices, producing paint, oil and more. Nowadays, they are national monuments that are celebrated in Holland and throughout the Netherlands, you’ll find mills decorated with flowers, Dutch flags and ornaments making. Some of the more famous mills are perfectly located for a full day excursion; these fascinating constructs should be a definite on the bucket-list of things to see while visiting Holland.


Mills to see!

Zaanse Schans though one of the most touristy windmills, it is still a wonderful place to visit and lives up to its reputation. It is perfectly located if planning to travel to Amsterdam and fancy a daytrip out of the main city. There are also several other attractions around the small town to visit such as, clog making, cheese tasting, handmade clocks and museums. Zaanse Schans can also be explored on a boat tour; see the windmill by the waterway of de Zaan.

The Kinderdijk Windmills are about a 30-minute drive from Rotterdam or 25 minutes by water bus. Kinderdijk consists of 19 windmills, this fascinating location is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage location. There are two fascinating museums to visit and the short driving distance from Rotterdam makes it the perfect place to visit for a mix of city, countryside and heritage break.

Schiedam is the place to be for a glimpse at the world’s largest windmills! The windmill De Nieuwe Palmboom or The New Palm Tree is also a museum where you can discover in more detail all about the history and purpose of the windmills of Schiedam, you’ll get to come close to the cool images, paintings and artefacts for this famous location.



The outdoor experience

After a quick tour around the mills, why not make the most of your trip by combining it with a visit to some beautiful outdoor locations? If visiting the Zaanse Schans mills and Amsterdam, combine it with a trip to the Amsterdam Standzuid, a luxury city beach that offers 200 square metres to lounge, enjoy a cocktail or two and some fun in the sun. If you would prefer to be away from the big city, take boat ride along the canals and visit the flower markets and auctions like Keukenhof.

For a more active outdoor tour of Holland and the mills, try the cycling route around the South of Holland where you will be sure to see the Kinderdijk Windmills and other beautiful Dutch polder landscapes.  If you are really keen on mills then there are other ways to explore and enjoy them, from visiting mills that have been converted into public buildings and museums to even sleeping in one like the Molen Hunsingo, a mill that has been converted into a hotel (Click here for more accommodation in Holland). Start planning your next trip to Holland in honour of National Mill Day. Visit Holland by Ferry and explore these fascinating places.