Half-term Heroes: Our favourite destinations for families in the Netherlands

It’s no secret that keeping kids busy during the half term holiday can be a challenge. Luckily, the Netherlands has plenty to offer young families looking to get away this February.

Here you’ll find our top destinations for kids and some kid friendly spots that their parents will love too!

The Hague

Just under 40 minutes from the Hook of Holland, The Hague is an easy destination for those looking for a long weekend away, or as a first stop on a Dutch road-trip.

For the kids:

Little ones will love a visit to Madurodam where the heritage that makes Holland so unique comes to life in miniature form! Walk amongst miniature ca­nal houses, tulip fields, cheese markets, a wooden shoes factory, windmills, the Peace Palace, the Delta Works, De Haar Castle and even a miniature Hook of Holland port. Scheveningen Beach and Pier is perfect for a winter walk to blow out the cobwebs. The Ferris wheel over the pier is also a favourite, with panoramic views across the North Sea and across the beautiful Dutch coast.

For mum and dad:

The Mauritshuis Museum, home to a range of stunning Dutch Golden Age paintings, including the Girl with the Pearl Earring, is a must-visit spot in The Hague. The museum caters to parents and children alike, with family activities packages available for those with small children, as well as a range of lectures and art talks for those of all ages.


The capital of the Netherlands often conjures up images of adults-only trips , but in truth, it is packed with child-friendly activities.

For the kids:

The NEMO Science Museum offers families an interactive and engaging approach to learning. With an amazing roster of exhibitions where children can play at being a lab scientist and learn about energy, construction, the universe and more, there are hours of fun to be had. Weather permitting, a stroll through Vondelpark is a must – there are a number of playgrounds to discover.

For mum and dad:

Anne Frank House, the hiding place of the teenage diarist during the war, is one of the Netherlands best known museums. Providing visitors with an exhibition about the persecution of Jewish people during World War II and a further space on wider discrimination and persecution around the world. The museum is a must-visit for older children and their parents who are interested in history.  Those visiting with very small children may not want to visit, as the nature of the museum means there are a number of steep steps.


Also within close distance to the Hook of Holland, Rotterdam is a great escape for a half-term holiday.

For the kids:

On a sunny day, little ones will love a trip to the Kids Marina, where they can hop in a variety of boats and safely cruise around the enclosed harbour.  Plaswijck Park is another favourite on warm days. With a range of playgrounds, rides, relaxing gardens and even a zoo, there’s a huge variety of activities to suit every child and to encourage creativity and play for all.

For mum and dad:

Should there be a dreaded rainy day, the city has a range of quirky museums that will entertain kids and adults alike. Museumpark is named for the six museums that surround it, with the Natural History Museum being a particular favourite among families. Those visiting and travelling by car can get a taste of traditional Holland, if they drive just 15 miles from the city – the Kinderdijk Windmills are a breath taking spot waiting to be explored.


Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!