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Our Sustainable Journey

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Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future

Stena Line transports 7 million passengers in 1.5 millions cars and 2 million trucks every year, it’s a very responsible task, operating one of the world’s largest ferry companies.  Sustainability is a  main priority, therefore, the company vision, “Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future” is very important. In fact, it’s so important that this message is being painted in huge letters on the sides of the Stena Line fleet of ferries!

Our Sustainable History

The companies main objective is and always has been to look after future generations by running a sustainable organisation built on quality at all levels. Stena Line provide efficient, eco-friendly transportation for all customers and for society as a whole.

Sustainability has been one of the main objectives in the business for the Olsson family, Stena Line’s founders.  They have concentrated much of their time and energy firmly on creating a sustainable business model with “Care” having major importance; Care for customers; Care for shared resources and; Care for one another.  In 2015, the United Nations launched a sustainability initative globally. The goals set out by the UN related directly to Stena Line’s work on sustainability. They wished to clarify, both internally and externally, these goals and the initiatives which it would be adopting in the future.  The eradication of extreme poverty is a main focus in the UN’s guidelines together with the reductions of in equalities and injustices in the world and a solution for the climate crisis is also extremely important.  Stena Line decided to concentrate on four of the seventeen goals set out by the UN which relate to Stena Line’s day to day business.  These are responsible consumption, clean energy, good health and wellbeing of their customers and staff as well as insuring that life below water is protected too.

Stena Line are resolute to ataining these goals and are monitoring any developments very closely with the aspiration of being a leader in sustainable shipping. Good health and wellbeing can be achieved through the care for each other and with a firm commitment and focus on safety, Stena Line will actively promote the good health and well being of all guests and staff.

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