markets= stall in one of the various markets in the Netherlands

Flea Market Season

De Bazaar, Beverwijk

Welcome to Europe’s largest covered market, De Bazaar, established in September 1980. The market is open at weekends from 08:30 am to 6:00 pm. There is also a small section of Hall 30 which is open on Fridays.

If you decide to visit the market by car, there are plenty of parking spaces available in the various car parks located new the main Hall. A full day’s parking will set you back a mere €3 per car, bargain eh? Entry to the market hall is free but remember to bring loads of cash if you intend on buying as most stalls are cash only. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but these are few and far between and besides, you can’t haggle when you are paying with plastic!

De Bazaar is a real melting pot of cultures and inside you’ll find a unique range of products and services. Why not experience Moroccan souk, Marrakech to pick up some traditional Moroccan leather goods and spices. Then settle back and relax with a drink and eat a bitterball at a café, a typical Amsterdam pastime!  You can buy pretty much anything at the market if you are willing to hunt.  There’s baby clothing, affordable fashion, shoes, bags, 24 Carat gold vintage house goods make up a fantastic range of products.  Let’s not forget the abundance of foods stalls, eateries, bars and cafés. All we can say is that, a day at the Bazaar is surprising, from great food to super versatile shopping, you’ll be entertained for hours.entertaining!

De Bazaar market in Holland

IJ-Hallen, Amsterdam Noord

IJ-Hallen has now become the biggest, most unique flea market in Europe. It’s located right in the heart of Amsterdam Noord, one of the most densely populated areas of The Netherlands. Due to the sheer size of the market, supply and demand are in perfect harmony so there’s a fine chance of finding exactly what you are looking for for a price that won’t break the bank. If you are a flea market enthusiast and loves to fine the best bargains, the IJ-Hallen is definitely worth a visit.

If you are visiting by car, there is a free parking opposite Papaverweg 50, 1032 KJ Amsterdam. The market is a short hop via a foot bridge, only about a 3 minute walk. Another option is parking closer to the market. There are other parking options available but fees will apply for visitors, usually costing € 1.30 per hour or €7.80 for a daycard.

Entry to the market is € 5.00 for adults and € 2.00 for kids 11 or younger.

Dutch Flea markets are among the best in Europe

FeelGood Market, Eindoven

Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 12:00pm – 18:00pm, you can visit the FeelGood Market at Strijp-S, right in the heart of Eindhoven.

It’s a vibrant event full of handmade products, delicious organic and bio snacks and drinks.  The market run extensive workshops on crafts and skills and there’s also some fantastic live music making it a great experience and a perfect day  out for all the family.
As the name suggests, most of the stalls are here to make you feel good so if you like to shop, join workshops, have a relaxing massage, get health advice, taste wonderful local, regional and world food and enjoy live music then the FeelGood Markets is one for your itinerary on your next visit to the Netherlands!

One of the great things about this market is that there are lots of activities geared at young ones giving parents time to relax and enjoy the event.