Tulips in Holland

Springtime in Holland

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Holland in Full Bloom

There is one thing that you can be sure of, Holland in the springtime is a wonderfully colourful place to be. A visit to the Keukenhof gardens or a stroll around one of the many flower markets is a definite must do and it’ll cheer you up after a long, dark, cold winter months!  The area around Leiden is also worth a visit if flowers in bloom is your kind of thing. There you’ll find huge fields, split into strips filled with bright tulips, daffodils and hyacinths all blooming in the most fantastic colours.

The Keukenhof Gardens
If you are planning on visiting the flower growing region in springtime then we would recommend Keukenhof. This beautiful estate was built in 1642 and boasts 32 hectare of parkland filled with beautifully designed flower gardens. Stand among over seven million flowers, explore the numerous pavilions and visit some interesting exhibitions on the history of the parkland.

Flowers for sale at a market in

Springtime Flower Parades
In Springtime, the Dutch use their blooming daffodils, hyacinths and tulips to create beautifully decorated floats, seen in the annual flower parade (Bloemencorso). It is a wonderful sight with large floats and wonderfully embellished cars following the traditional route from Noordwijk to Haarlem.

Amsterdam Flower Market
If flowers are your passion then you should most definitely pay a visit to the Amsterdam flower market. You’ll find it on the Singel, tucked away between Koningsplein and Muntplein squares. There’s a number of boats floating on the Singel canal where you can buy freshly cut flowers. This tradition first started back in the days when flowers were brought into the city by boats on the network of canals every day but today, the boats are permanently moored and they’ve firmly become one of Amsterdam’s biggest attractions in the Springtime.

Visit Holland in Bloom

Visit somewhere a little different, Texel Island

If you really want to get away from it all then a trip to Texel Island should be on your travel itinerary. Enjoy boisterous lambs frolicking in the fields, beautiful flower fields blooming in all their springtime glory and wonderful deserted beaches. Spring on Texel Island is so relaxing, it’s enjoying Holland at its best. On the island, the sun shines much more often than it does in the rest of Holland in the springtime. Stroll along one of the deserted beaches and take in the sea air, then grab a lunch and a glass of Texel’s Juttertje (local herbal liquor) in one of the cafés on the terraces with wonderful sea views. The best way to get to the island is to take the ferry from Den Helder and it takes approximately 20 minutes.

Visit Texel Island, North of Amsterdam

Delicious Local Food
Texel is renowned for delicious locally sourced food especially Texel lamb.  In spring, it’s possible to pick your own fresh fruit and veg at de Zelfpluktuin (Pick your Own Garden).  On this farm, they display a calendar showing what is ripe for picking and you can pick what you feel like eating! Another great place to visit is Wezenspyk cheese farm. There you can taste all the cheese on offer from local cows and sheep that graze on the island.

Cycling on Texel Island

Follow the Flower Bicycle Route
As everybody probably know, cycling in Holland is a must if you want to blend in with the locals.  There’s no surprise then in saying that touring Texel Island on a bike is the best way to see the place. Although the island isn’t famous for being a “flower region” in Holland, there are still some wonderful flower fields that you can see on your bike tour. You can take to the roads yourself or islanders organise special bicycle routes alongside fields filled with daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses from the early part of April up until the end of May. Along the route there is a special flower garden where you can pick flowers and create your own spring bouquet!

On Texel Islan you'll find deserted beaches

Van Gogh tour from Nuenen

There is a great tour that shouldn’t be missed. It winds through the Brabant’s landscape where you’ll discover a world that inspired Van Gogh in creating his unique artistic style. Van Gogh loved the simple farmer’s life and rich landscapes in this part of Holland. It’s where he was raised and where created his first painting, “The Potato Eaters”. You will experience it all on this 7 day cycling tour!

The Van Gogh Tour of Holland

Route Information
Start and end point: Nuenen.
Number of days: 7
Total distance: about 210 km

The starting point for the trip is in Nuenen and from here you’ll cycle deep into Vincent van Gogh country. Pay a visit to the Vincentre and learn all about the artist’s life and works.

Den Bosch and the Noordbrabants Museum; Discover the tranquil landscape that inspired Van Gogh in the early years of his work as a painter. Visit lovely historic city of Den Bosch en route and explore the Noordbrabants Museum which houses a collection of Van Gogh paintings, including “The Potato Eaters”. Vincent’s Art Room; The next stage takes you through the Dunes of Loon and Drunen National Park heading towards Tilburg. Visit Vincent’s Tekenlokaal, the art room where Van Gogh took his first drawing classes from master Constant Huijsmans as a child. Hilvarenbeek; Cycle through the landscape of Brabant, north towards the Belgian border. Along this route Hilvarenbeek there are fantastic views that Van Gogh loved and recorded in his famous paintings. Eindhoven, city of light; The last stop before you make your way back to Nuenen is Eindhoven, the city of light. The city has a very innovative cycling path. 600 meters long, the path crosses the place where Vincent van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885. It is very unique in its design as it consists of thousands of sparkling stones that are illuminated at nighttime.