We are proud to announce that Mercy Ships are our new partner

Stena Line & Mercy Ships | Partners for Life

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The Mercy Ships company operates and owns the largest civilian hospital ship in the world which provides free medical care to the poorest people on earth. The organisation was founded in 1978 and since then, they’ve helped almost 2.5 million people while visiting over 580 ports in 73 different countries.

We are proud to announce that Mercy Ships have recently become one of our partners.  They are a fantastic company who are committed to helping those who need it most in underdeveloped and underprivilidged parts of the world.  Like us, they too see the flexibility and benefits of working onboard their ships on the seven seas.

Our intention is to raise awareness of their organisation, to generate income through donations and to increase interest in working as a volunteer, both internally at Stena Line and also amongst our passengers and partners.

A bit more about Mercy Ships

Mercy ships was founded by Don and Deyon Stephens in the 70s.  The company now has a team of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other crew members from all parts of the world, donating their time helping onboard the world’s largest floating privately owned hospital.

They are a floating hospital, therefore, it’s possible to sail directly to some of the world’s poorest areas and provide life saving medical care.  In doing this, they offer safe, state-of-the-art facilities in which to treat the people who need it most.

People who support the company are a vital part of the team because they pay for essential medical supplies and repairs when the ship needs it.