Discover a few Dutch Gems

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Start planning a Dutch retreat with our inspirations

Make your next break close-cation year! Why not simply travel in style on a relaxing sailing across the North Sea to Holland on a superferry, its close but has so much to offer whether it be for a New Year detox break, a family getaway or even a solo-trip. With some fares starting from only £59 you can already start planning your holidays, to help you start planning your next trip, here are a few holiday inspirations:


Nature Retreat

New Year, new you, new places to discover! Holland isn’t just about the ‘dams’ and the other trendy buzzing cities, there are a few quiet hidden gems. Why not discover places in the Netherlands that can offer you the perfect wellness and relaxation holiday. Check out places like the Landal GreenParks, it’s located just under 7 minutes drive from the Hoek Van Holland Port, ideal for a plain sailing holiday. Load up your car with as much luggage as you need (including that yoga mat), drive to the Harwich port, relax onboard and catch some Z’s in a comfy cabin and when you arrive, Landal GreenParks is just a short drive away. Landal GreenParks is renowned for its relaxing surroundings, stunning hiking trails, cycle networks and a whole host of fantastic outdoor activities. This is just one of many great locations in Holland to explore that could offer you a relaxing trip: Discover more places to visit.


Family Retreat

Holidaymakers wanting to embrace their inner child should stay at Het Heijderbos, fun for children and adults alike. This park has wild water rapids for thrill seekers, horse riding through the De Maasduinen National Park, which is close by and an escape room that is a quick fix for recharging the batteries. Center Parcs is ideal in general for a family holiday in near-by Europe or for a wellness retreat with a lively atmosphere. Again you can load up your car, take the whole family, your own bikes and even the family pet, everyone is welcome onboard the Stena Line Ferries to Holland.

Sailing-solo or group road trip?

Why not take a solo trip? Sailing to Holland alone is straight forward and easy as a foot passenger, simply catch the train from London to Harwich and from the Harwich port its plain sailing. Take a day tour around Rotterdam, the popular Amsterdam or The Hague and enjoy the sites at your own pace and in your own time. Alternatively, why not start your close-cation with a group of friends or family, where you can enjoy the sights, culture, art, shops and the trendy cities with a group. Your holiday starts as soon as you step onboard whether you chose to sail solo or take a group road trip so take advantage of our Onboard Services on your next trip!