Green and gourmet? Tuck into the delectable delights of Aan Zee restaurant…

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What’s green, tasty with looks to die for?

Fans of eco-luxe hotels will LOVE this new sustainable restaurant in Holland. Just a 20 minute drive from the Hook of Holland port, Aan Zee is so green, it uses the sun, wind and wood fire as sources for its heating, cooling, ventilation and water management. Built predominantly from glass and wood, which has been left chemically untreated, the building can also be dismantled(!) with each material component re-usable.  Pretty cool, huh?

But if you want to feast on good old fashioned comfort food, from tomato soup to cheese and ham toasties, all using super fresh ingredients from local farmers and fisherman, you better move quick. This restaurant is so green it shuts over winter, so they’ll only be taking bookings until September.

Get there:

Aan Zee restaurant is on the Oostvoorne Coast, just a 20 minutes drive from Hook of Holland. Perfect, if you’re taking your car on the ferry to Holland and want to stop somewhere for lunch with a bit more bite.