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Makes My Coffee Taste Even Better

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Stena Line is a proud partner of Mercy Ships, a company which operates and owns the largest civilian hospital ship in the world providing free medical care to the poorest people on the planet. In a previous blog post, we wrote about Mercy Ships and we have been racking our brains for ways to increase the awareness of their marine mission. The first campaign to raise awareness for this charity ran from February 14th, Valentine’s Day and was a great sucess. Our second campaign began on Friday, September 1st and will run through until late October.  So here is what we are going to do.

We at Stena Line are proud to be partners with Mercy Ships

Makes My Coffee Taste Even Better

In September and October, you can make your coffee taste even better! When you buy a coffee or tea onboard our ferries, we will donate €0.20 directly to the Mercy Ships charity.  Your coffee or tea will be served in an Eco-Friendly Mercy Ship mug.

Stena Line, a Proud Partner

We are very proud to be partners with Mercy Ships and their ‘life changing’ contribution to our human existence. Like Mercy Ships, we see the benefits and flexibility of having the sea and ships as our workplace.  The main purpose for collaborating with Mercy Ships is to help to give the organisation a better reputation and also to increase interest in volunteer work and donations, both within Stena Line and with our passengers and partners.

“For us, sustainability is more than environmental initiatives. The partnership with Mercy Ships is an important part of this and it enables us to involve all our employees, customers and partners to make a difference. Through our ships and social media channels, for example, we can reach about 10 million people with information about Mercy Ships and we are currently setting up a program to assist employees who want to work as volunteers on board Mercy ships, “said Niclas Mårtensson .

Would like to know more about Mercy Ships?  Take a look at their website for more on sponsorship, volunteering and all other information that might be of interest.

Mercy Ships with Niclas, our CEO