Baby gorilla Okanda travels with Stena Line to Europe

Monkey business: Baby gorilla Okanda swings aboard Stena Line

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Earlier this year our crew were thrilled, when we welcomed a very special guest on board our ferries

Baby Okanda, the very cute baby gorilla, joined passengers on a journey to his new home at Stuttgart zoo, after being rejected by the gorilla group at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire.

To keep Okanda company, John Buchan, the Primate Team Leader at Twycross Zoo accompanied the critically endangered Western lowland gorilla on the ferry crossing to Germany and reports on Okanda’s customer satisfaction below…

Stena Line went above and beyond all of our expectations and we were overwhelmed by the level of care they showed us, given our unusual situation. We enjoyed one of the smoothest and calmest of journeys Okanda could have possibly benefited from. He was very well behaved for the entire trip – I’m sure we only have Stena Line to thank for that!

Baby gorilla travels to new home with Stena Line

Baby Okanda with his new keepers in Germany