Celebrating our European travel network through food

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While Stena Line continue to sail safe on many routes, travelling isn’t on the agenda yet for all. To celebrate some comforts that can be enjoyed at home and for something to look forward to experiencing in person, we’ve put together a list of tasty treats from some of our European sailing destinations.



Flour has been flying off the shelves since lockdown up to now, people are rediscovering baking from home, if sailing with us to Holland isn’t possible right now, discover some popular Dutch cakes and treats to test your baking skills:

For great activities during school holidays, Pancake Day and Easter, Poffertjes are a great family treat and the majority of the ingredients are most likely already in your cupboard! Adults and children love these little Dutch delights, experience a taste of Holland at home with the family!

If baking with the family, Holland butter cookies are easy and fun to bake. All you need is butter, all-purpose flour, sugar and baking soda – regular cupboard staple items. Melt mix and bake all within an hour!

For Sunday’s with loved ones, Dutch apple pie with ice-cream is a great travel inspired dessert. The difference between Dutch apple pie and English is the Streusel topping (which is more like crumble consisting of butter, sugar and flour), stack extra apples and add a Dutch twist with raisins.

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If you can’t sail to with us from Harwich, create a stay-cation and a taste of England with your own DIY afternoon tea!

While it’s warm outside a transform a picnic in the park or in the garden into afternoon tea to create an English holiday.

Basic kit – If you don’t own a tiered stand, simply whip out some blankets or trays and place dress with flowers or candles up plus folded napkins to complete the theme.

If you have children at home, dust off the bunting and decorate your dining room table or garden (with paper, colouring pencils and scissors you could make DIY bunting yourself with the family).

Afternoon tea isn’t complete without sandwiches, cut them into rectangles or triangles for an authentic feel, with cucumber filling, salmon, egg & cress and whatever you sandwich fillers you fancy. Perfect teas for afternoon tea would be, Earl Grey, English breakfast tea, peppermint or fruit teas. For a cold drink, iced tea or orange juice and for the grownups, Pimm’s! Sweet treats of course, scones with jam and cream as well as mini biscuits, shortbread and sponge cake.



Starting our Stena Line food tour in Ireland, the home of some of the tastiest soda breads!

Try your own rustic soda bread at home, add a special touch by adding some porridge oats – mix wholemeal flour, with porridge oats (sprinkle some on top for decorative purposes) bicarbonate of soda, bio yogurt, then its ready, set, bake! Perfect for a fresh loaf for summer picnics or evening dinners at home.

For the expert bakers, try your hand at Black velvet baby cakes – These indulgent cakes include Guinness so grown ups only. Go all out and top this cake with whipped cream mixed with a splash of champagne (follow most of our recommendations at BBC goodfood).


Celebrate Stena Line’s Swedish heritage with a summer lunch classic of chives and sour cream. Now, this doesn’t sound as interesting as some other dishes, but this dark horse is a satisfyingly refreshing dish.

A speciality often prepared for celebrations like traditional Midsummer festivities and other holidays with friends and family. During mid-summer, Swedes tend to eat fresh potatoes with salmon or pickled herring with chives and sour cream. Simple and easy to prepare with all the makings of a tasty seasonal lunch – rustle up a salad and you’re ready for a Swedish lunch.

Wash your meal down with Fläderblomssaft (elderflower cordial/syrup) Swedish drink. For kids, add lemonade and a strawberry, for adults make it a summer cocktail with mint and sparkling wine or gin.



Everyone loves sharing foods, this is one of the nicest way to reconnect with friends and family. Pop to your local supermarket and grab from the fresh bakery section a selection of breads to tear and share (or try your hand at some of our recommendations like the soda bread). With some charcuterie (delicatessen) meats and cheeses, for veggie options like Camembert brie and a good selection of wines, for a night of dining, music and catching up with loved ones.

For  dessert, try something different like a French Raspberry-hazelnut galette. This tasty dessert can be kept for a few days after baking, perfect for snack times.

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