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Summer is in full swing and there’s only a few short weeks to go to make the most of it! The weather this year has inspired lots of outdoor and beach holidays home and away. Come rain or shine this is the perfect time to visit some fantastic beaches in Holland; When you think about a beach holiday, you don’t necessarily think about Holland, but there is a host of beautiful beaches along the Dutch Coast, discover a few of our picks:

On Texel Islan you'll find deserted beaches

From the ship to the beach

Rotterdam Beach Hoek van Holland our first pick, although The Hook of Holland is located 24 km west of Rotterdam City, it’s an official suburb of Rotterdam. The little village of Hoek Van Holland translates to ‘Corner of the Netherlands’ marks the beginning of the stretched out port of Rotterdam.

This small quaint suburb of Rotterdam and it’s beach is easy to get to, take a day or night sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and the minute you step off the ship you are close by to the beaches. Book your accommodation in the heart of Rotterdam and drive down to the beach when you drive and Sail with Stena Line. This type of beach holiday gives you the best of both worlds, a city break to a hot tourist destination of Rotterdam where you can enjoy lots of entertainment from arts, music, restaurants bars and summer activities in the city but then also take a short drive away to the beaches of the Hook of Holland which also offers authentic Dutch food and entertainment.

The conditions can be a little windy at times making it a real kite surfers paradise. The museums in Hoek van Holland are small and easily accessible, devoted to lighthouses, the history of Dutch pop music, rescue at sea, the Atlantic Wall, and Dutch military history. The fortress of the Fort 1881 is in the Hoek van Holland and is a great place to visit with the kids!

City & Beach

If you are heading to Amsterdam and would also like to include a few days away during your trip from the bustling city heat, Bloemendaal and Zandvoort is just a short train journey away from Amsterdam Centraal. These two beach locations close to Amsterdam offer beautiful scenery where you can catch some rays, enjoy delicious food, drinks and party into the night before getting a train back to the city.

Bloemendaal offers fish stands for a broodje haring or fried fish (a local speciality), this little coastal treasure offers lots of restaurants and bars for great local foods and drinks. Bloemendaal also has beautiful Woods and dunes as well as the beach, this Dutch destination has a great choice of nature spots: a large part of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, the estates Elswout, Koningsduin, Leyduin and even part of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen.

Zandvoort another a trendy beach not far from Amsterdam offers more than 30 beach clubs, after taking a quick dip in the sea beach-goers can lounge at the colourful Safari Lodge for some live music and yoga, or head to the popular Tijn Akersloot to socialise with the locals and other tourists alike. There are plenty of opportunities to go surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kitesurfing and other water sports. If it isn’t beach weather, Zandvoort still has plenty to offer, discover its artefacts or visit the Zandvoorts Museum for art and history.

Beach & outdoor adventures

Another one of our top picks is Scheveningen, it is one of the most popular beaches located in The Hague with a fantastic view of the sea off the Scheveningen Pier. Popular for its attractions such as thee Kite Festival and the Fireworks Festival. As well as beaches it offers museums, sculpture gardens, shopping, cafes and restaurants, this location is versatile and is ideal for couples, groups and families.

If you’re after a mini holiday, Texel is the perfect beach location for a beach-break without having to travel too far, just a simple sailing direct to Holland and a drive and crossing to the island of Texel, just off the coast of the north of Holland (Den Helder). Visit the 30km beach for a bicycle ride around the island or a typical Dutch hike called ‘wadlopen’. Visitors can enjoy Wadlopen once the low-tide kicks in, when this happens the water pulls out into the ocean and exposes small islands, called wadden, a great experience that beach and outdoor lovers would really enjoy.

Egmond aan Zee is a village situated in the north-west of Holland and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands! It offers white sandy beach that stretches for about three miles, perfect for sunbathing and swimming in summer and for the cooler seasons it’s still ideal location for walks and excursions. Along Egmond’s shore visitors can enjoy this picturesque seaside resort, from the beaches, the local hotels and restaurants. It is a popular spot for tourists especially those with keen on a quieter relaxing destination in an old fishing village.

Still not sure about a beach holiday in Holland? There’s always an autumn break where you could enjoy cosy fires, camping, cycling and visits to famous dutch landmarks and museums for a mixture of outdoor activities and cultural excursions. Discover other things to do this summer or start planning your autumn break, Follow our Blog for more.