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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Holland

Holland | No comments has launched a two-year round the world trip that visits all 962 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The trip takes takes two years, all for a mere £1 million. If you’re feeling a bit more frugal than that, Stena Line recommends taking yourself to Holland’s UNESCO sites, each one chosen for its cultural and natural ...

Amsterdam with Stena Line

January Sale! Save £50 on the ferry to Holland

Onboard | No comments

Don’t miss the boat! We are offering special savings for car and motorcycle passengers this January with a discount of up to £50 on “flexi” fare return car bookings made on the ferry to Holland. Car drivers will be able to enjoy prices as low as £88 for a flexi return with adult...

Get festive with these Christmas celebrations in Holland

Holland | No comments

Christmas markets, candle-lit parades, and a double dose of gifting – the Dutch have a way of making the most of things, and the festive period is no exception. Every year on 5 December, St. Nicholas Eve, major festive celebrations commence with Sinterklaas parties. Also known as De Goedheiligman (The Good Holy Man...

Wildlife bridge in Holland

Another great reason to love Holland…

Holland | No comments

Presenting to you our favourite photo of the week, the wildlife bridge in Holland. Visit Holland: Book your transport from Harwich to Hook of Holland with

Terrace Harbour Scheveningen

Photo of the week: Secret seaside in Scheveningen

Holland | No comments

No, it’s not a name that slips off the tongue easily. And no, this Dutch seaside retreat isn’t exactly on the UK tourist radar. But that’s exactly how we like it. More for us, and now you, to enjoy… Enjoy a taste of Scheveningen. Located on the coast close to The Hague, Schev...

Giethoorn, the Venice of Holland with Stena Line

Who knew this was in the Netherlands? Visit the ‘Venice of Holland’…

Holland | No comments

Experience traffic like the Dutch do….  in the Venice of Holland!  Giethoorn, a little-visited village in the Netherlands, has no roads. Built  by Franciscan monks around 1200 on marshy land, today most locals live on their own private islands and travel around town by boat, and in winter, by ...

Book ahead: Dine with the stars in Holland’s Michelin star restaurants with Stena Line

Holland | No comments

Did you know Holland is home to more than 90 Michelin star restaurants? Nope? Well, now’s your chance to chomp your way through a few of them at the Dine with the Stars festival.  A spin off from the popular restaurant week, this foodie event gives you the chance to sampl...

Lighthouse at Texel on the Dutch Coast

Cool trip idea: Visit the Texel Lighthouse on the Dutch coast

Holland | No comments

The Wadden Islands on the Dutch coast are little known to visitors from the UK. Away from the narrow houses and canal-lined streets of Amsterdam and the modish buzz of Rotterdam, the long, sandy shores of the Wadden Islands are hugely popular with Dutch tourists and one of the country’s best kept secre...


Mission impossible? Big Bloggers day out to Amsterdam with Stena Line

Holland | 2 Comments

A relaxing day out in Europe + no time off work + a dash of adventure = impossible, right? So thought a group of bloggers until we challenged them to the ultimate weekend break: A big day out in Amsterdam with Stena Line. The Mission? 1. Leave work on Friday evening and catch the train to Harwi...

Baby gorilla Okanda travels with Stena Line to Europe

Monkey business: Baby gorilla Okanda swings aboard Stena Line

Onboard | No comments

Earlier this year our crew were thrilled, when we welcomed a very special guest on board our ferries… Baby Okanda, the very cute baby gorilla, joined passengers on a journey to his new home at Stuttgart zoo, after being rejected by the gorilla group at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire. To keep Okanda comp...

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