Stena Line fan Nick Harding takes a motorhome to Germany

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Is it work or is it pleasure? Nick Harding has something of a dream job test driving motorhomes for a living, but it can mean some pretty hectic schedules. As a freelance journalist, he has to make every minute pay.

As he explains: “I’ve just returned from the Caravan Salon show in Germany. It’s Europe’s largest exhibition of motorhomes, caravans and related accessories – and it’s absolutely huge! My base in the Midlands meant the overnight Harwich-Hook of Holland journey fitted in perfectly without interrupting my ‘working days’. The beauty for me of a crossing like this is, because I live in the Midlands, I could do a day’s work, get a good night’s sleep/driving break on board, then head on into Germany for a pretty packed three days at the show itself – and vice-versa on the way back.

I travelled across on Sunday, arrived in Dusseldorf at around 11am, and camped for two nights at the official show campsite, in the motorhome I was testing at the same time. Travelling with Stena Line meant I had a wonderfully relaxing overnight crossings both ways, taking advantage of the excellent cabins and the main restaurants.”

Nick was reporting on the show for the Caravan Club Magazine (, as well as the specialist monthly publications MMM (Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly) and Which Motorhome (see The motorhome he used was the newest addition to the award-winning Escape series from Marquis (see, the 662. For more about Caravan Salon, see

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