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The Travel Hack at work…

 On lucky April 13th, a group of bloggers boarded the ferry to Holland on a mission. Their task? To do two overnight sailings in one weekend and to see as much of Amsterdam as possible in just one day. Possible? We catch up with one blogger, Monica Stott aka The Travel Hack, to find out what she thought of the ferry to Amsterdam and the Big Bloggers’ Day Out

What was your first impression of the superferries on your crossing to Holland?

 My first impression was how nice the ferry staff were. They were so friendly and chatty and carried by bags all the way to my room and showed me exactly where to go. My room was cosy and after a long week in work it was nice to have a hot shower and relax before getting stuck into a nice cold beer in the bar. I was worried I’d get sick at sea but I could barely feel the ferry moving at all so it was really relaxing.

Is Amsterdam do-able in one day?

It is definitely doable. You just need to grab a bike and you will see so much in a day. You won’t get the chance to see all the museums but you can explore a lot and soak up the vibe of the city. If you want to see a little more and only have one day, I’d recommend taking a guided tour to make sure you see all the top spots.

Top tip to anyone travelling to Amsterdam?

Hire a bike. Amsterdam is a really safe place to cycle, even if you aren’t all that confident, and it means you get to see so much more than you would on foot. Cycling is also great fun and you can work off all those delicious pastries you’ll be stopping off for.

Would you take the ferry to Holland again and where would you go?

Definitely. I work in London so it’s really easy to hop on the ferry on a Friday night and arrive back in London to go to work on the Monday morning, so next time I’d like to go and spend the whole weekend. I’d go back to Amsterdam to visit a few of the museums I missed first time around and experience the infamous nightlife for myself. I’d then head over the Rotterdam and spend a day there.

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