Glow Light Festival Eindoven, Holland

GLOW | Eindhoven Light Festival | November 12th – 19th 2016

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When you think of The Netherlands, you don’t necessarily think of Eindhoven as a holiday destination but, the Dutch capital of design and technology is unique, bursting with energy and innovation, definitely worth a visit.

The perfect time to travel is in mid-November when the city hosts the annual Glow Lights Festival.  Over 40 light artists, designers and architects create light sculptures, projections, installations and performances which transform landmarks and streetscapes with light, showing a new perspective of the city.  Believe it or not but last year, over 700,000 people visited the GLOW Light Festival.

This year, GLOW will be 10 years old, so there will be a special celebrations  on 12th November at Stadhuisplein, under the light arches of De Cagna, right in the heart of the city.  There will be music, food and drinks for everyone.  Check out the Festival Website for more details.

Visit Glow Festival from November 12th – November 19th, it’s free of charge!

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