Say no to Air Passenger Duty… another ferry good reason to travel!

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We have always known that ferry travel is one of the most cost effective and stress-free ways to go on holiday (see subject 1 below). But as Air Passenger Duty swoops into the equation, with passengers travelling out of the UK forced to pay sky high taxes on all flights, we have a message for you all: ‘Say no to APD, travel by ferry!’

Here’s why (a short history of APD)…

APD, which all travellers flying out of the UK have to pay, began as a relatively harmless £5 charge. But if you’ve seen the price of flights recently yet, you’ll get why it’s now the highest in the world. Did you know: A family of four travelling to Australia can now pay up to £736 in APD?  Ouch!

Our guide on how to side step APD…

1. Travel by ferry

Of course, we would say that. But it’s the simplest way to save money. Rail and sail tickets for the ferry travel start from £34 per person and include transfers from the port by train to the Dutch city of your choice. That figure includes all taxes and as much luggage as you can handle. And you could spend a long weekend in arty Amsterdam, whizz past windmills on your bike or see the flowers at Floriade.  APD averted!

2. Fly out of Amsterdam Schilpol

For long haul adventures, why not make it a two centre trip? Book flights out of Amsterdam Schilpol airport (where you can avoid APD) and take the ferry from London to Amsterdam. Depending on how much cash you save, you could even splash out on a stay in the luxe Dylan Hotel or save that sterling with a stay in funky Citizen M.

3. Hit the highway on a big adventure

A Tipler Carrera: Perfect for zipping through Europe (possibly not the best car for Kathmandu)

Ever fancied doing a proper road trip? London to Kathmandu? An exploration of the little towns of Europe? Then forget flying altogether and set out on a journey across borders. You can take your car on the ferry from London to Holland then away you go…

Want to know more?

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  • Mark Smith says:

    And after booking your overnight London-Amsterdam Dutch Flyer ticket (central London 19:32, arrive Amsterdam 10:14 next morning, cabin with shower, toilet, satellite TV and free wifi on the Stena Liner from £39 plus £30 for the cabin), spend a day in Amsterdam then why not take the direct City Night Line sleeper trains from Amsterdam to Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Warsaw or Prague from €59 with couchette, €99 with bed in 2-bed sleeper, ?