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Sailing across the North Sea doesn’t have to end in the Netherlands, Stena Line’s extensive route network means you can sail to many European destinations, what makes it even better is you can sail direct with your vehicle for a proper road trip experience. Time to explore new places for your next adventure. Scandinavia is the perfect pick for a magical autumn-winter trip. Autumn may be the prettiest season to go on holiday in Scandinavia to places like Norway and Sweden. Take in the magic of the breathtaking autumnal colours, visit one of the many national parks, admire the northern lights from an ice hotel and more. Discover  inspiring tips for an unforgettable adventure, find a new adventure in Scandinavia…

Visit Sweden – Home of Stena Line

We cannot mentioned exploring Scandinavia without of course mentioning Sweden the Home of Stena Line! Also the home of “fika” coffee culture (where you can enjoy some of the best coffee and sweet treats in Europe) and for “lugn” (relaxation lifestyle, a bit like the hygge wave) sounds just right for a mini-break!

Sweden gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to tourist attraction and enjoying a true local experience. This virtually cashless country offers the perfect mix of sleek modern Nordic culture and beautiful nature must-sees.

As the season changes, Sweden might not sound as inviting, but Sweden actually has a whole host of activities to get you from autumn right through the winter months! Swedes love a good sauna and you probably will too. They’re everywhere in Sweden, in the city, private homes, even in the middle of a forest! Sauna’s by the sea and of course hotel spas. The nightlife will also keep you warm from Jazz festivals in Gothenburg and Stockholm to Bravalla in Norrköping, you won’t be short of festivals, winter markets, skiing, skating, snowmobiling, ice-fishing and places to eat, drink and relax.

The cities


Gothenburg, the Stena Line hub is of course our top pick for obvious reasons, while in Gothenburg why not visit our Reef bar? It’s Stena Line’s very own party boat and a popular local attraction. Locals and tourists enjoy day parties and nights out where you can feel like you’ve escaped to a more tropical destination, with umbrella cocktails, exciting dishes and non-stop entertainment from concerts to renowned DJ’s.

Aside from being the home of Stena Line, Gothenburg has so much more to offer and is the perfect city for a weekend break.  Take a stroll through town and discover a wide range coffee shops,  the Espresso House, Starbucks or Waynes Coffee, as well as many independent charming coffee bars. For a more thrilling day out in Sweden, Liseberg amusement park is a must! Enjoy head-spinning rides, food stands and the city centre is not too far away, so after a day of fun you could enjoy dinner and drinks at some of Gothenburg’s trendy bars and restaurants. There’s also a great choice of places to stay, Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel is a contemporary style hotel on the edge of one of the city’s scenic harbours or if you want to stay in the heart of the action, there’s Avalon a design hotel with a popular restaurant located right in the city centre.


Stockholm, the Swedish capital is a popular holiday destination. The city centre consists of 14 islands, the islands on your way range from the remote and unexplored to pristine tourist spots with a great choice of hotels, galleries and even sandy beaches for autumn walks. You could have it all on a break in Stockholm, from shopping to enjoying some more scenic locations away from the hustle and bustle. There’s also a fantastic nightlife where if you plan ahead you could see popular artists, events and shows.

Make the most of attractions like Hellasgården’s lakeside sauna, perfect for a couples getaway during autumn-winter. Spend the day in exploring the lake along it’s popular trails, stop for a spot of lunch before heading for a relaxing evening at the sauna.

Stockholm isn’t just for the grownups, there’s loads of attractions for children, museums with activities and exhibitions as well as an amusement park… Kids might even spot Pippi Longstocking!

Being in the capital, you will find plenty of museums for Scandinavian history like the Vikings, Roman influence, Abba and the royal family. Visit the Swedish History Museum, Abba museum, Skansen and the Royal palace. Don’t forget to stop off for a cinnamon bun and coffee!

The natural scenery

As far back as 1909 Sweden established some of Europe’s first National parks, with 9 being established around this time, to-date Sweden is home to 30 national parks.

Stenshuvud National Park, one of the parks furthest south has a beautiful backdrop of craggy cliffs, thick forest and sandy beaches, it’s one of the smaller parks so perfect for a short trip in a quaint location. The park is perfect for hiking, one of the best routes through the park takes you from sea-level up to the 100-metre-high for a breath-taking view. Book yourself a Swedish house along the coast or a beautiful hotel overlooking some of the scenery. This park is perfect for travelling with family or friends to spend quality time. There’s also a visitor’s centre – It has an exhibit about the national park and staff on hand to help with useful tips and information up until the end of autumn.

As well as hiking, if you sail with your car there are a few small towns for a true local Swedish experience within driving distance, experience fresh seafood in local restaurants and amazing seasonal dishes that will surprise visitors.

  • Scott says:

    Any special through return tickets on the route Harwich to Hook, and then onwards on the Kiel to Göteborg route taking a car??
    It seems troublesome having to make 2 separate reservations!

    • Sam says:

      Hi Scott, Unfortunately not at this current moment, but we welcome feedback to improve our service.

  • David Norman says:

    Very interested in your route travelling from immingham to Esbjerg, is this open to families with children?

  • Bob Shastid says:

    Can we get a ferry from uk to Esbjerg still, we have a motorhome and would very much like to use this route, although I believe it is now for freight only?

    • Sam says:

      Hi, yes you are correct it is a freight route. We would suggest sailing direct to Holland with your motor-home and then driving up, our if travelling in Europe to use one of our other Stena Line ferry routes.

  • Ulla Munch-Petersen says:

    Can you tell me about Esbjerg (DK) – Immingham (UK), is it possible to use this rute now ??

    • Sam says:

      Hi, unfortunately this is a commercial goods route only, our recommendation is to sail direct to Holland with your car and drive up, our if travelling in Europe to use one of our other Stena Line ferry routes.