Gaming Line from Santa Line, our fantastic new mobile game

Gaming Line | Our New Retro Mobile Game

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Well, here’s the thing, we know that you love travelling with us because it’s a amazingly relaxing experience but, we understand that from time to time, waiting to board our vessels gets a little tedious. We got our thinking caps on and thought about what we could do to make your time with us more fun?  Everyone has access to a smartphone or a tablet these days right?  So, we had a fantastic  idea, we decided to create a mobile game to pass away the time.  We created Gaming Line and we hope you’ll agree that it’s a great idea and we want you guys to help us test the game!

Join us and test it for yourself
The game consists of a number of classic and challenging mini-games. The best way to find out more is to simply download the app and test it. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Gaming Line.  Once you’ve downloaded and played the game, just leave a comment with your feedback.

Gaming Line Screenshots

Win coins while you play and spend them in our onboard shop

Two of the mini-games can only be played while you are onboard. You are be able to compete against friends, family and even total strangers in competitions while onboard and in the terminals.  A new winner will be announced in our prize draw every two hours.  The winners will receive extra game coins, which they can use to purchase products via the mobile game shop in our onboard travel shop.

So get downloading and play our fantastic new game today!

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