Blomdahl and Hagman

New Year, new big cheese. Stena Line appoints a new CEO for 2013

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Blomdahl and Hagman

Blomdahl (left) and Hagman (right)

For the first time in 10 years, Stena Line will have new big boss at its headquarters in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.

Carl-Johan Hagman, who’s currently responsible for all shipping operations in the Stena Group, has been appointed as the new chief executive officer of Stena Line and will start on 1 January 2013.

Gunnar Blomdahl, who took over as Stena Line’s CEO in 2003, developed Stena Line into one of the world’s largest ferry companies and invested around £1.1 billion in new tonnage and geographic expansion and will continue work in the Stena Group.

Mr Hagman, who is 46, has said that he wants to ensure that Stena Line continues to offer comfortable, cost-effective and environmentally efficient ferry services. He’ll be in charge of making sure that the ferry services to Holland go from strength to strength, as well as looking after its 21 other ferry routes to Ireland and ferries in Scandinavia.

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