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In a global survey, more than 5,000 parents were asked what they really wanted for their children. Some answered a healthy life, others answered a comfortable life, but most parents, 64%, said they wanted their children to be happy in life – So on June 17 2018, we will launched our new kids concept – Happy at Sea – a cute, cuddly porpoise who likes to sing, dance, play and spend time with friends to keep them happy.

Want to learn more about our happy kids at sea? Explore our 5 step guide for ‘Happy’ children.


It’s no secret that cuddling triggers the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin. A hormone that boosts the immune system and reduces feelings of pain and stress – something that naturally affects children as much as adults. Cuddling several times a day makes children healthy, smarter and helps them grow. Nothing makes sad or poorly kiddies feel better than a hug from mum or dad.

While onboard kids can enjoy waving and if they feel like it even getting a hug from Happy!



It has long been known that playing is important for children. As we play, new nerves are created and tested in the brain, to help us grow and explore our potential talents. This is important for developing social interaction, learning and developing skills. Of course, kids love to play – at sea we are making it fun, educational and interactive!

Children can enjoy games onboard in the refurbished kids play area, as well as colouring books, games and exploring the outside deck to sea what’s at sea!



Anyone who has ever been around children knows that they like to exercise. Moving helps release endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormone in the body. Through dancing, happiness and friendships are built as well as fantastic coordination and confidence!

While onboard we have seasonal events for children, which sometimes involves fun entertainment with music the Happy mascot onboard and games, so kids can make the most of their time onboard with our entertainment, meet other children and make friends as well as meeting Happy our mascot and other kids entertainers.

Dance and play while you sail!


Children and grownups a like enjoy a good sing-song. Singing promotes good memory skills and helps develop children’s vocabulary and creative flare. Bond with family or make new friends in our kid’s play are with our sing along games and entertainment.

Sing on board


Spending quality time together with your child is extremely important. It helps build their confidence, helps them feel safe, builds bonds and social skills. At Stena Line sailing isn’t just about getting to your destination, it’s also about the journey, which is why we always champion slow travel and making the most of your trips.

While onboard families have loads of fun things to enjoy and spend quality time together – From a sit down family meal in the restaurants (which includes a fun kids menu) to activities for toddlers, teens and grownups like the latest blockbuster in the onboard cinema, the Happy play area, the games machine, colouring book to relaxing on the outer deck with drinks and laughter.

So what are you waiting for? Come on board, meet Happy and sing, play, dance, cuddle and hang out!

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