Have kids, will travel…

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Before you become a parent, it’s all too easy to sigh and shake your head when, horror-upon-horror, a young child is sat in front of you on a long travel journey. ‘Pass the earplugs, cabin steward!’, ‘give me a parachute’ or ‘thank god I’m not the one carrying a screaming baby at two miles high’, I hear you cry!

Fast forward a few years and suddenly the tantrums, tears and trauma of taking your family on holiday are all yours.

What to do?

Well, one thing we truly believe at Stena Line is that if you don’t have to give up your holiday because you have a baby.  Quite the opposite, in fact, what better time to have an adventure! You can share new sights in beautiful surroundings, give yourself break and get someone else to do the bed in the morning. But you can also do this in a relaxing and leisurely fashion.

Here’s how:

1. Take the ferry to Holland. Yes, of course we’d say that but hear us out. We offer private cabins with flatscreen TVs, designer beds and cots at your request, so if you travel on the overnight crossing, your child can sleep for the duration the journey in comfort. We also have a fully equipped kid’s area for young children and even a basketball court and onboard cinema for hard-to-please teens.

2. Get adventurous. On the ferries you can bring your bikes, strap your little one to your back and explore the miles of gentle cycles paths in the Netherlands.

3. Check into an eco-resort. Holland has a host of family-friendly accommodation options. Try the natural delights of Centre Parcs in the Netherlands or try Aan Zee for lovely wooden cabins on the Dutch Coast.

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