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In a global survey, more than 5,000 parents were asked what they really wanted for their children. Some answered a healthy life, others answered a comfortable life, but most parents, 64%, said they wanted their children to be happy in life – So on June 17 2018, we will launched our new kids concept –…

5 facts you didn’t know about porpoises

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They live in our waters. They have super hearing. They are shy and care for the few calves they can give birth to. They have their own language of clicks. They are not dolphins, even though many of us confuse the two. We’re talking about harbour porpoises. Why, you might wonder… Well...

Happy’s Here

Meet Happy, our friendly porpoise mascot, though he is sometimes confused with a dolphin and even a shark, Happy wants all the kids to know he is the happy, helpful porpoise here to support and keep the kids entertained! Discover the Story of Happy The Porpoise who helped defeat King Caesar with Stena Line and bring…


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Is Valentine’s Day a commercial stunt or a celebration of love? It can be a little contentious. Its reputation as an American greeting card holiday is valid in some respects, but at Stena Line we like to look at the bigger picture. Truthfully, we’re quite fond of Valentine’s Day and what it means — we’ll gladly seiz...


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Imagine spending a quarter of a year on a ferry. We love our ferries and spending time on board, but 100 trips in a row is impressive even to us! Martin, a Dane, recently set this record and it might even become a Guinness World record. His best tips for other guests tr...

Mercy Ship, working together with Stena Line

Makes My Coffee Taste Even Better

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Stena Line is a proud partner of Mercy Ships, a company which operates and owns the largest civilian hospital ship in the world providing free medical care to the poorest people on the planet. In a previous blog post, we wrote about Mercy Ships and we have been racking our brains for ways to increase the awareness of their marine…

Here’s how you secure the weather on your trip

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Digital development in several areas is an important part of Stena Line’s strategy for the future. Among other things, we have personalised communication, the digital booking and actual experience onboard. A current example is when we launched Gaming Line onboard our ferries at Christmas. Now we are launching the next step to enhan...

Stena Line Dry Dock 2017

Behind the Scenes | Drydock | Ireland

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Ferries are pretty similar to cars, they all need maintenance and a spruce up periodically. When you get your car serviced, you bring it to your local garage but with something as large as a ferry, it needs to go to a specially modified and designed dry dock.  In the early part this ...

Christmas with Santa Line

Santa Line Video the Second Installment

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Last year, we received the best Christmas gift ever from Santa; our name changed from Stena Line to Santa Line!   This year, we wanted you to feel the same special Christmas atmosphere onboard our ships so we’ve done the same again, it’s our new Christmas tradition.  Make sure to travel home with us ...

Gaming Line from Santa Line, our fantastic new mobile game

Gaming Line | Our New Retro Mobile Game

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Well, here’s the thing, we know that you love travelling with us because it’s a amazingly relaxing experience but, we understand that from time to time, waiting to board our vessels gets a little tedious. We got our thinking caps on and thought about what we could do to make your ...

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