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Dutchflyer: Rail and Sail to Holland

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When I told people I was getting the ferry to Holland with Stena Line most people responded with ‘why don’t you just fly?’ or ‘are you sure you want to sleep in a bunk bed?’ How naïve they were – let me tell you why … The Dutchflyer is the perfect es...

National Ferry Fortnight: Kids go free!

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To celebrate our brilliant kids go free offer we’re encouraging everyone to embrace life and free their inner child! Kids go free when you take your car on a ferry to Holland on any sailing, any time this year! So get packing and take the kids, their toys, games, skateboards, inflatabl...

Competition: The Great Break

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Who do you think deserves a break this Christmas?  Nominate a friend or relative on our Facebook page for the chance to both win a VIP return trip to Holland! Nominate by tagging the person in the comments on our Facebook page and write a short explanation why he or she deserves a break. Three…


Amsterdam app to change your trip

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A great mobile app that should be downloaded to the phone of any Amsterdam-bound history buff is;   Amsterdam 1850-1940 demonstrates the development of thousands of pictures in Amsterdam from 1850 to 1940. As well as the cultural history of each building, the app contains descriptions of the buildings, such as social housing, churches, baths, trams, theatres and schools….

17th Annual Oranjebal: 23 November 2013

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The Oranjebal London is an annual charity gala and social highlight for the Dutch community living in and around London. This year’s edition of the Oranjebal, which will be the 17th annual event, will be held on November the 23rd in 8 Northumberland Avenue, the most central venue in London. The main focus of the Oran...

Ferry vs Flying: Baggage Allowance

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Another reason to sail instead of fly: unlimited luggage allowance. Rather than spending hours weighing up outfit options (and weighing the luggage itself) to ensure it adheres to airlines’ stringent weight allowances, sailing with Stena Line ensures you can pack whatever you want, and the kitchen sink. Stena Line operates a twice-daily ferry crossing from Harwich…


Stena Line fan Nick Harding takes a motorhome to Germany

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Is it work or is it pleasure? Nick Harding has something of a dream job test driving motorhomes for a living, but it can mean some pretty hectic schedules. As a freelance journalist, he has to make every minute pay. As he explains: “I’ve just returned from the Caravan Salon show in Germany. It’...

Ferry travel

Have you seen this? Discover Ferries’ guide to travelling by ferry with a family

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Discover Ferries has launched a guide to travelling with a family by ferry on Family Traveller, including tips for booking, during, and after the journey: “A ferry is a safe place with a lot of space for children to explore and move around in relative freedom which can only increase the...

Motorbiking in Holland

WIN tickets to Assen!

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  We have two pairs of tickets for the BSB race at Assen along with return ferry travel to give away! To enter simply like us on Facbeook and leave your name and email address to be part of the draw.    

Have you seen this? “Are budget airlines bad for us?”

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Friend of Stena Line, Mark Smith aka the Man in Seat 61, debates budget air travel with Guardian correspondant Gwyn Topham in this five minute video. “If you love travel, it isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey too… Budget airlines are superficially convenient and quick… and unfortunately that robs p...

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